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What Is a

Mortgage Broker/ Agent

Mortgage Brokers and Agents are independent professionals, who are trained and licensed, to provide and represent you with the best advice for obtaining a mortgage.

Our expertise is finding your funding for financing a home. With access to multiple lenders, Brokers and Agents are able to do the shopping for you, helping to avoid multiple soft credit checks, affecting your credit score each time. Brokerages know where to look for the best rates, and have the knowledge necessary to present a proposal for financing to lenders.

Why Work With a Mortgage Broker/ Agent?

Similar to how a lawyer represents a client to a judge, a Mortgage Broker will represent you ( the borrower) to the lenders. In simpler terms.

We represent YOU.

Not the Lender. Because Brokers And Agents are not employed by the lending institutions, we’re not limited in what products we can offer.

Meaning we can use products offered by Chartered Banks, Private Funds, Trust companies, or Insurance companies, to help find you the best mortgage that suits your needs.

There are so many options available to potential homeowners.

And the time and effort it takes to shop around while learning a whole new set of terminology, can be stressful and intimidating to homebuyers.

Working with a mortgage professional helps to eliminate that stress, and increases your chances of getting the right mortgage that suits your needs.

Obtaining the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Mortgage Brokers and Agents are trained and armed with the right resources, to assure that you get the right mortgage for you.

How do Brokerages obtain better rates than the Banks?

In addition to working with traditional lenders, such as Private pension funds, chartered banks, and trust companies, a Mortgage Broker Brokers/ Agent also has access to and have developed professional relationships with private lenders. These private lenders have the ability to provide alternative mortgage products, not available to traditional lenders.

It’s to your benefit to begin by talking with a Mortgage Agent. I can help you determine how much mortgage you can afford, and explore both traditional and innovative mortgage options to find the best solution and save you money!

If your home has equity, you can leverage it to get a loan to pay off high interest loans, and credit card debts or for whatever other purpose that you require.

Your mortgage is the single highest expense for the average Canadian. often comes the expense of retirement savings. I can help you by shopping traditional and innovative mortgage lenders for the best available rate! Use the savings to help fund your retirement or achieve financial balance.

About Henriques Levy

Henriques Levy is a Mortgage Agent with Dominion Lending Centres Canuck Mortgage Group. As a mortgage agent, he represents you (the client) and not the lenders. Devoted to your mortgage needs, and generating results, he will help you achieve financial balance.

Henriques strives to make your mortgage experience exciting, painless, and rewarding. Henriques covers the GTA, Dufferin County and parts of the Golden Horseshoe, to provide diversity to his clients.

With over 20 lenders, Henriques is able to shop and compare for the right innovative mortgage features, rates, and options to suit your lifestyle.

Securing the right mortgage doesn’t need to be hard. I’m here to help you on your journey.

Apply here to get started on your mortgage application, or connect with us for further questions!

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