How Does Up To 100% LTV Sound?

How Does Up To 100% LTV Sound?

For People looking for ways to leverage their existing equity

Investment properties have been one of the most attractive ways to increase personal wealth, for decades. But for many, there’s the underlying issue of  a lack of capital. We’ve often heard people suggest that we find a team of investors, to go in on investment properties together. And this is a great way to raise the necessary capital to tackle such a venture. But for many, this is easier said than done. I’d like to think this is mostly attributed to one question. “ Who do I trust”? I mean after all. It’s a lot of money involved.

My colleagues and I have come to appreciate that very question. So much so, that we got in touch with one of our lenders – to find a solution for you. So without further adieu. Mortgage Brokers of Canada is Introducing the 100 Program.

The 100 program is meant to help investors leverage equity from any one or more of their existing properties, to purchase property to either flip, or buy and hold. This will cover up to 100% LTV (loan to value). It gets better. This program will also set you up with the cash flow necessary to cover  renovation cost – so long as the collateral property provides enough equity.

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